Tuition Centres

Part of our Childhood-Enhancement Programme is ensuring educational excellence for the disadvantaged children, through the free tuition classes conducted in various centres. Though these centres had a humble beginning, it has brought laurels to the participants, making them out perform the classmates and achieving the envious first positions in their respective classes. Now the classes are flooded beyond its capacities and gradually carving a brighter future for the less fortunate children of the society.

Family Counselling

Our objectives are to offer regular counselling for those in dire needs of it – the socially impoverished, psychologically affected, morally weakened and those suffering from broken relationships etc. An expert team of well trained and academically qualified personal would be supporting those in need of family counselling, psychological integration and spiritual up- liftment. Having a shattered moment in relationship doesn’t mean everything has come to an end, rather it’s a sign that one needs some expert’s help. Our family counselling team is well equipped to guide, support and rectify relations and enable the couples to meet all challenges in their family life with ease. The experienced and well qualified psychologists and counsellors help to solve the issues related to separation, divorce etc affecting the parties and their children; mental health issues, addiction, obesity and so on.

Home for the homeless

Other than enabling people to address their own problems and uplift them from their multi-faceted social, economic and health issues, we also focus on those who are totally helpless and help to rehabilitate themselves under the safety and security of a thatched roof, called their own home. The deserved ones are chosen on priority basis without any distinction or discrimination of cast, religious or political affiliation or of their background.

Women Empowerment through SHG

We care about the growth and development of women in the communities we serve. Women being the backbone of the family, and in an extended sense, the backbone of the society, it is of utmost importance that they be provided with necessary skills to be self-sufficient and entrepreneurial in this overly patriarchal society. Self-employment and economic freedom can bring the marginalised women to the forefront of the society. We facilitate them to go forward with the Governmental initiative of self-help groups. A “Self Help Group” for women is a small volunteer association of disadvantaged, mostly from the similar socio-economic background. An initial capital is given to start the enterprise. Further guidelines and directives are given to go forward, followed by supervision at each stage of growth, giving flesh and blood to their dreams and aspirations.

Technical Courses

We have education and skill development centres with an aim to provide secure knowledge and livelihood for the youth. Our mission in this area focuses on rebuilding the lives and helping the young people to become self-sufficient by learning a trade that will help them ensure employment. There are job oriented courses with nominal fees, offered at our computer centres, tuition centres, under the guidance of experts. These centres are equipped with best facilities.

Youth Guidance and Career Building Programmes

These programmes aim at moulding the youth in to change-makers of the society. It focuses to help the youth, who are wandering, disengaged and are non-contributors to the society or to their family. Through seminars, counselling and career oriented programmes, and reinstating them to their lost educational path, they are groomed and carved to be contributors and productive members to the society.

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