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Carmelite Social Service Society is a people-driven organization – right from the people who started it with a vision, to the people who work for us to bring change at the grassroots, to the people who support our work, and most importantly the people who serve on the ground through our work.

Committed , responsible people who are passionate to make a difference to the world around them are the backbone of Carmelite Social Service Society. We have always taken our role as that of a catalyst in the process of bringing change, but ultimately if we are aiming real and sustainable development, change has to be driven by people themselves.

Over the years, Carmelite Social Service Society has received the love, support and trust of millions of individuals, who have enabled us to create high impact programmes and benefit over 1.5 million people every year. We always take pride in making our supporters active partners in our programmes either than just channelize their resources to do good.

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